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Mold remediation cost in Florida

Mold Remediation Cost In Florida

 how much to do mold remediation in florida

alex here with cash buyers international comm today I'm gonna try to answer a question that many of you may have and that question is how much does it cost for mold remediation in Florida how much does it cost to do mold remediation on a property on a house in Florida okay it's not a simple question but before I get started I want to go ahead and read you this claimer that I have over here it says this information should be viewed as opinions and examples only and not as professional advice or counsel please consult an attorney real estate agent contractor financial expert or for other professionals prior to making any important decisions so this is just an example of what I've come across and from the knowledge I have but that I'm going to give you the very first example is an actual price quote that a homeowner got on his property and these are approximately the square footage it was a frame house and you know other things concerning that property but he got different prices concerning his property on how to treat mold and do mold remediation on so where am I going with this basically it's all gonna depend how much it costs to do mold remediation is gonna depend upon who does the job and the extent of the problem of the mold issue if it's throughout the whole house there's water damage and mold that's just invaded the whole property then that's gonna determine the cost there's no simple answer by the way if you're a contractor if you're a homeowner and who's been through this please leave a comment in the comment box below please leave a comment in the comment box and let us know what the cost was and if you're a contractor and you have treated mold and you remember some of the jobs you've done the area the county the city in Florida where you've done mold remediation for a customer um feel free to leave a comment and your contact information but do so at your own risk if you leave your contact information because this is a YouTube and it will be public you may get a lot of calls I'm sure there are a lot of homeowners who would like to know the answer to to that question anyhow here's the first example this is an actual property that I was dealing with that had problems with mold it was a 4 bedroom 2.5 bath it was a frame house with shingles with vinyl sidings I'm sorry and it's approximately it was approximately eighteen hundred and something square feet now the homeowner told me he got many different quotes from sixty-five thousand to over a hundred thousand towards a hundred thousand so what it's gonna cost can vary on the contractor the area and the extent of the damage there's no cookie cutter answer to that question now if you do have an answer from a contractor below you might want to contact that individual and give them the details and extent of the problem on your property isn't that the difference between properties now this property is gonna differ from a similar property that's only two bedrooms one bath 900 square feet or 950 and so the quote that I have here is actually something that I've conjured up on my own it doesn't necessarily mean that this is what it's gonna cost it's just based on the quote and the square footage that the homeowner with the bigger property got and what he stated to me the quotes that he got from the different contractors that do mold remediation anyhow like I said it's not an answer and a question that could just be answered with an outright cost or price of mold remediation now after you get the quote okay after getting a quote on what it's gonna cost and the potential costs associated and the amount of time you may have to spend to wait for the property to be done whether the insurance company is going to cover it or not whether they have already covered it I've already sent you a check for the damage for damage to your personal property clothing furniture or anything else within the property what are you gonna do at that point now some homeowners have chosen to sell the property this may not work for everyone it's something you really need to sit and think about if this is something that'll work for you or for you guys but some homeowners I've chosen to just forget about the whole thing just scratch it off just sell the property in an as is condition meaning you sell it with the mold and with the problem okay and here at cash buyers we specialize in purchasing mold-infested property in Florida and we remodel those properties either to fix and flip or buy and hold with our partners okay so if you have a property that is infested with mold in Florida and you're not willing to go through the process or the cost of rehabilitating that property to do any mold removal mold treatment or mold remediation in that Florida property you can give me a call personally at seven five four six one oh three oh three six that's seven five four six one oh three oh three six or you can visit the website cash buyers now if you'd like to know a little bit more about what we do you can call our 24-hour pre-recorded message at eight six six six three two zero one six one that's eight six six six three two zero one six one okay and we'll do our best to make you a cash offer on the property and we'll pay if we agree we'll will most likely pay all closing costs there won't be any realtor fees or anything included if we agree on the price now um if you are a contractor and you have some experience in this field please leave a comment below for homeowners to know exactly what you do is may benefit you and also to help out homeowners and knowing what the cost of mold remediation may be in Florida so leave a comment in the comment box for us if you would and if you're a homeowner please do not put your personal information or the property address because you will get a flood of attention from individuals looking to fix the problem for you or offer you their services so if you're a homeowner ask any questions you may have in the comment section and I will try to answer it as best as I can for you. mold remediation cost florida alright if you found this video helpful in any way just like the video or dislike it but if you find a comment left by someone you may like their comment as well and send them a direct message okay this is Alex with cash buyers if you've done everything you can for a mold-infested property and you just don't want to deal with it you don't want to bother waiting for it to be rehabilitated or somehow maybe the mold resurfaces in the future you just don't want to deal with that give me a call or go to the website and submit your property there and I'll try to make you a fair offer that's both fair to you and to us as well thank you for watching have a great day you

How Much Does Mold Remediation Cost In Florida?

Mold Remediation Cost In Florida. What's The Cost?

Today I'll try to answer a question that many of you may have had. And that question is, how much does it cost for mold remediation in Florida? Or, how much does it cost to do mold remediation on a property on a house in Florida? Well, it's not a simple question, but I will do my best to answer it in a practical way.

The Answer To The Cost Of Mold Remediation In Florida

Really, that will all depend on who is doing the remediation and extent of the problem. Other factors may be involved as well. For example, a house that is 1886 square feet and thoroughly infested with mold will highly differ in remediation cost from a property in the same neighborhood that is 950 square feet with minimal mold damage.

What To Do If Your House Needs Mold Removal

What you decide to do with a property that is infested with mold is up to you. But, if free quotes on treatment of the mold and remediation is available in your area, then getting several quotes could give you the answer that you are looking for.

A Route That Many Florida Property Owners Devastated By Mold Have Taken

While many individual have sought remediation of mold, others have decided to sell their Florida property to investors. Some have decided to collect on the insurance and sell their property as is instead of waiting months for their property to be treated.

We Buy Florida Mold Infected Property

how much to remove mold in Florida from a house
Florida mold remediation cost

If you have decided that the best route for you to take is to sell a mold infected property, then let us make you a fast cash offer on that property. Head on over to our Home Page and submit your mold infected property for a no obligations cash offer.